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Why Choose BAMS:

BAMS is a national merchant account provider and online payment processor. BAMS is a leader in this niche market and has some of the lowest rates in the business.

Our exponential growth and superior customer support enable us to negotiate the lowest wholesale rates in the industry.


  • Qualified merchants are refunded within 12 hours. Process today and receive your deposit tomorrow. Never worry about your cash flow!
  • Rates as low as 0.70% and $0.18
  • Process Securely with 256-bit SSL encryption and the most sophisticated anti-fraud algorithms in the industry.


Get Your Money Faster

Get Your Money Faster: 12-Hour Funding!

Running a business - any business - is an enormous responsibility.

There are customers to worry about, employees to keep track of, the bookkeeping, inventory and supply management... we don't have to tell you that the list goes on.

BAMS has dedicated teams whose sole responsibility is to ensure you have fast, secure, reliable payment processing. We understand that cash flow is crucial to a business' health.

That's why we offer 12-hour payment funding. It's one less thing for you to worry about when it comes to your business.

eCommerce Payment

eCommerce Payment Processing Packages

eCommerce businesses are just like any other business, except with more reliance on technology. To remain successful, you're dependent on your hosting company, your servers, and of course your payment processing.

BAMS offers end-to-end eCommerce payment processing services,
complete with active fraud prevention monitoring.

What's better, we offer FREE gateway setup with or First Data, and provide full service during your transition.

As a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo, we have access to rates many providers don't. A seamless transition and rates from 0.70% and $0.18
per transaction makes a switch to BAMS a smart business decision.